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FMCG products

Our distribution solutions are a unique combination of business know-how, experience, motivation and focus, covering all of your enterprise operations management, with goal of providing best path for your product, strategy, development and growth.


By combining practical distribution know-how, with 20 years of focused FMCG business management, we ensure that your Brands and portfolio get increased added value in the market and best business performance.



We at FOCUS4, we empower companies to become customer oriented (centric) and adopt unique market strategy, which will optimize the revenue streams, increase profitability and improve customer loyalty.

Thru know-how, experience and focus we supports this strategy and together with P.O.S. services we provide complete solution with goal of transforming Leads to Cash.

The End-to-End business solutions for Sales & Marketing include:

  • (Re)defining Sales & Marketing strategies for Brands and Portfolio
  • Business Process Management (BMP) and optimization
  • Implementation Services for POS
  • Business intelligence system (Where, When, Why and How)
  • Support & System Audit


What is professional service? Its a unique combination of business know-how and experience. By using best platform for management of distribution services we create a synergy between FMCG best practices, existing sales channels and newly adopted product or brands.

The End-to-end Professional Service include:

  • KPIs modelling and implementation
  • Distribution Services within territory (Sales, Marketing, Logistic …)
  • POS activities for Retail, HoReCa, Gas, TT and other
  • Privat Label connections
  • Product and category development


Our solution for Purchasing provides the process management which covers everything from a revenue forecasting, purchasing of raw materials to distribution and sales of the final goods for PL buyers globally.

Our end-to-end purchasing include:

  • (Re)defining purchase and inventory strategy
  • Business Process Management (BPM) and optimization
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Search for appropriate PL Producers (FMCG)
  • Search for appropriate PL Buyers


Our goal is to help our clients define, setup, manage and maintain the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant for their business and industry. This relates either to business performance, product placement or sales & marketing activities in the territory.

Our KPIs & Management includes:

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) modelling
  • Complete strategy definition
  • Business process management (BPM) and optimization
  • KPIs model and strategy implementation


GO-TO-MARKET strategy

With diagnostic and analysis services we aim to find the right business solution for your product, brand or service. By thoroughly examining the market, product, consumer, buyer, competition and environment we will find the best practice and help you choose the right solution, partner, time and market.

CRM & KPI tracking

CRM is a VITAL step towards understanding consumer, customer, competition and environment. With smart CRM system your company can upgrade every business solution, product, brand or service. By leveraging our rich experience, we will ensure that you will get the exact solution you need with the right characteristics.


Our supports for the clients is so much more then just a process integration. Either you become PL producer, launch your own product or brand on the market, we will lead you through the process from the preparation, through design, configuration, training, testing, data management and migration, cutover and post go-live activities and support. When a LAUNCH button will be pressed you will be ready.

PRODUCT & BRAND management

Project Management is a key ingredient to successful projects. Our task is to provide to our customers the experience and knowledge we have accumulated over many FCMG projects (PL&BRANDS). By combining world best practices with “keep it small and simple” approach we will lower risk and ensure that your project is on time, within budget and scope.

Project management processes we deliver are:

  • Project initiation (either PL or Brand development)
  • Buyer or Producer search for your product or service
  • Planning execution
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Project closure – product “alive”


Whether it involves monitoring or scanning the position of a new or existing brand/product in the market, audit of implemented business agreements with the buyers or producers, we can help you fix the problem, point out the bugs and optimize the potential. In many cases companies don’t use their full product/brand potential, which leads to losing potential revenue stream.


To fully enhance the potential of the market, its purchase potential, growth, development and structure, we provide to our partners and customers outsourced expert which add additional value to their brand/product. We work with merchandisers, sales reps, logistic service providers, packaging developers, printing companies, software developers, legal advisors, … Outsourcing options are possible for single roles as well as for a team of several people. The outsourcing services include implementation, project management, system audit, support, development, etc.