Connected field service

Connected field service expands on the features of traditional field service management solutions.

There are several key factors:

  • The needs of your company regarding the current state of the field service management tools already in use within the territory
  • The team, obligations, goals and strategy
  • The readiness of your company for OUT OF THE BOX approach
  • The detected need to improve KPIs

Companies which already actively use field service management (own sales reps, merchandisers) are those who need to consider to move on to the next level. In that case the team is already accustomed to field service and may be joined, shared or transfered into larger scale, taking care of MORE products, MORE brands, but LESS locations, which gives them time to FOCUS and establish connection with the store management. At the same time the SALES directors, KAM” s and BM” s needs to acknowledged the value of JOINED field service management, which lover cost, but enhance the productivity. The organization has to be mature enough to proceed with connected field services.

Contact us and allow us to organize and optimize your Field Service. We will optimize the visits, cost, efficiency and  thru that build added value for your brands or products.