Field service

FIELD SERVICE is often seen as the MOST IMPORTANT side of retail, due to the fact, that this is “FIGHT in the first lines”, which means to be in the supermarkets, fashion stores or even humble traditional trade or gas locations, where initiative, pro-activeness and push of the TEAM is responsible for deciding which products will “rotate”, have “best” secondary position, NO out of stock, how they will be displayed and when they will be ordered.

This is high pressure, but it is also shopping for a living.  

So, what are we actually do?

A sales rep./merchandiser needs to know what’s new on the market, what the customers will like, where are the best position in the bay and in the store, where secondary placement could be agreed, how the planogram must be and which products will make a profit and how much.


  • Visiting suppliers and manufacturers, buyers, stores, location,
  • Analysing sales information
  • Negotiating special locations with store managers
  • Ordering goods
  • Talking to other departments
  • Helping with promotions and advertising campaigns
  • Producing sales projections