Quality policy

Our goal is to be recognized as an DISTRIBUTION and FMCG consulting company, which integrates Production companies, Buyers and Consumers.

The Quality Management Policy is focused primarily on our customers and consumers. We aim for complete and comprehensive satisfaction of the requirements, expectations and needs of our customers and other interested parties (partners, buyers, suppliers, society)…

CUSTOMERS/CONSUMERS – maintain high quality of services delivered to our Buyers (retailers) as well as other partners in order to maximize the efficiency of the product and brand positioning. We  also aim for constant surveys of customer, buyers, trade and environment requirements and their fulfilment by delivering products of desired quality to them.

EMPLOYEES – employees are the most important asset of the FOCUS4. The readiness of our staff for continuous improvement of qualifications, skills and professionalism, as well as the personal integrity and duty is essential. Daily motivating of the employees by providing the optimal mixture of working environment, appropriate training initiatives and workshops to boost creativity, intelligence and qualifications is written in company DNK.

SUPPLIERS/PRODUCERS/PARTNERS – working for establishing relations with suppliers and partners based on mutual trust, leading to improving and rising of the effectiveness of the cooperation and the benefits of the common activities as well as increasing the number of suppliers and partners is one of our TOP objectives.

OWNERS – We also focus on satisfying the needs and expectations of owners and investors.


  • Continuous and purposeful introduction of improvements to the working process, necessary for the success of the company;
  • Retaining of the clients’ trust and maximizing customer satisfaction;
  • Keeping the place and expansion on the markets conquered;
  • Revenue growth through increase in quality and productivity of labor;
  • Improvement of qualifications of the personnel through Needs-focused training of staff

FOCUS4 will constantly review and improve its services to ensure that company processes are managed in the most effective and efficient way for the benefit of all our customer, products, brands and partners.